Cincinnati Entertainment Award Nominee 2011

Cincinnati Entertainment Award - CEA logoI have been nominated for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award in the category of best singer-songwriter! This is a powerhouse list of artists; I am super-psyched to be included.

Daniel Martin Moore
Kim Taylor
Dusty Bryant
Jason Ludwig
Josh Eagle
Joe Hedges

Would you mind taking a minute to vote for me?  Read the article about the CEA’s, including a list of categories and nominees here, or skip to the voting survey here.  The deadline for voting is Friday, November 11 at noon.  The award ceremony is Sunday, Nov. 20 at the Madison Theatre in Covington, Kentucky.  Thanks!

About Joe Hedges

I am a visual artist and singer-songwriter born in Trenton, Ohio now living in Cincinnati, Ohio. This blog includes contemplative musings about art, music, and life. The archives begin with stories from the road as the frontman for my band July For Kings as we traveled the country in a maroon van whilst signed to MCA Records. Latterly entries contain anecdotes from the studio working on experimental solo albums, tales of art-related European adventures abroad and Zen revelations about existence.

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