A Short Third-Person Blurb

Joe Hedges is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in eastern Washington/western Idaho.  Hedges paintings, photographs and internet art projects explore the links between science and art through the visual language of the experiment and the archive.  With a reverence for art history, and an enthusiastic interest in the effects of digital technologies on human experience, Hedges’ work melds vocabularies and media in a contemporary fashion. 

As an educator Hedges works at Washington State University coordinating the painting program as Assistant Professor of Painting/Intermedia, looking at painting as a form of media technology and exploring ways painting can interface with other disciplines and media.  Hedges has also worked with Artworks, a Cincinnati based non-profit organization, as a lead artist and project manager, creating public art projects to be executed with area teen apprentices.

As a curator Hedges has worked with collective Near*By to stage ephemeral and interdisciplinary exhibitions that connect artists and pluralistic audiences, as well as running Boom Gallery, an experimental project space in Cincinnati.

Hedges holds a BFA with an emphasis in painting from Northern Kentucky University and an MFA from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP– College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning.


A Very True Story

Joe Hedges riding a bicycle between two Florida Keys

Joe Hedges riding a bicycle watching big fish jump | photo by Jiemei Lin

Joe Hedges is the accidental but fortuitous product of a night between a hippy speech-pathologist and a small town attorney/law professor/lifelong class clown.  The love of these unlikely companions was so big that only the heart of an artist or a priest could grow inside.  The untimely death of the attorney combined with years of Catholic education drove Hedges to rock music and an obsessive desire to draw human skulls.  This peculiarly introspective angst resulted in an eventual recording contract with a company in sunny Santa Monica.

As quickly as Hedges had developed a proficiency in writing melodic rock music, melodic rock music itself went out of fashion while the entire music industry collapsed. Finding himself without a record label and reduced to a reluctant participant in a shadowy network of long-haired stereotypes vultures and adulterers laundering dirty hip-hop cash on mixing consoles in the East Village, Hedges retreated to a winery nestled in the rolling hills of central Kentucky.  The vineyards provided (wine and) the perfect backdrop for several years of writing atmospheric songs about downheartedness poverty and isolation.

After a bleak, cold winter stuck in a cabin deep in the snowy woods of northern Michigan with a man whose very name was NSFW, Hedges discovered eastern religions, found new energy in the creation of physical works of art and returned to college to study painting while living in an illegal warehouse with one of his three sisters and several anonymous arial acrobats.  Under the helpful mentorship of socially liberal but fiscally conservative professors Hedges honed his drawing and painting abilities and was accepted to a master of fine arts program in the Queen City of Cincinnati, OH.  Empowered by an expensive piece of parchment reading Master of Fine Arts Plural, Hedges now enjoys a burgeoning career as an art professor teaching all the known dimensions of the universe 2D 3D 4D while working on a unified theory of color.

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